Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Christmas Shopping in Freeport, 11/25/05

Shopping the outlets of Freeport might not be the sanest thing to do on the biggest shopping day of the year, but by early evening the town had almost entirely cleared out. A few stores are open 'till 9pm and after that L.L. Bean is the only game in town, open 24 hours, 365 days per year. As you can see in the photos that follow, I pretty much had the town to myself for some leisurely and most enjoyable gift shopping. Click on each photo for full size view.

The L.L. Bean Hunting & Fishing Store

The stairway from Main Street down to the lower parking.

A fun shop near the L.L. Bean Factory Store.

The view along Bow Street.

The other side of Bow Street.

Main Street across from L.L. Bean.

Visions of nalgene water bottles danced in their heads.

Kayak city at L.L. Bean.

One more view of the store that knows the outdoors.

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