Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Must Read Acadian Journal - The Foley Island Blogs

(Photo by Don Foley, 2009)

Our first renter of the 2009 season, the Foley family has beautifully documented their Acadian vacation on a website that is loaded with great photography, and lots of great descriptions of their week on Mount Desert Island. The degree to which they achieved full immersion in Acadia National Park and the general area is inspirational. And the degree to which they've employed the iPhone to enhance their vacation experience is very cool too. After reading about their Maine vacation, check out the rest of their website for lots more great photos and descriptions of their special corner of the world near Cape Canaveral, FL. Don Foley is a well published illustrator and has done a fabulous job creating a website to share his family's joie de vivre; it's a must-read.

Foley Acadia Vacation, 2009.
The Foley Island Blogs.

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